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What's all this about Mensa?

Mensa was created to figure out what intelligence is, what to do with it for the benefit of humanity, and to feed the minds and the spirits of its members intellectually and socially.
Local Groups like ours carry on that tradition ... we meet and talk and discuss and make and do things that help identify and foster intelligence, whatever form it takes ... creating stimulating intellectual and social environments that, let it be said, are frequently well fed and agreeably lubricated.
And at a higher level, all of Mensa is deeply, hands-on involved with programs for gifted children, literacy, and scholarships.
So. Come for the brightness. Come for the parties. Come for the outrageous humor. Come for the outreach and humanity. Whatever floats your boat, GPM has it for you.

GPM Received American Mensa Sapphire Award for 2015-2016

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“In recognition of their outstanding performance as a local chapter. Their commitment to serving their members and striving to provide a stimulating intellectual environment for their members is a credit to the organization.”

Members: Be aware that there may be AML site service access issues due to the site change involving a new member database. All services that require username and password, like My Mensa, Member Directory and GPM’s Members Only site have been affected. Membership number will no longer be accepted as user name, only the email address you have in your profile will be accepted. Your first login since November 14th you may have to reset your password. Use your email address that is in your profile. If you do not have your email address on file, call 817-607-0060 ext. 199. You will receive an email with a one-time-use link, which when clicked will allow you to determine a new password. Visit HERE for the details and an FAQ. All login issues are best resolved by calling the 817 number. Note that you may observe up to 45 second delay without progress notification after pressing Log In button.

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Wondering About Mensa?

American Mensa is an organization for smart people like you. Our ONLY criterion for membership is that you score in the top two percent on any one of many accepted, standardized intelligence tests or on the Mensa Test itself.
Go HERE to get info on the next test. NOTE: There are two half-price tests in July!

HERE is the link to go see some of the qualifying scores.
Got smart kids? See some of what Mensa has to offer HERE.

[Read more about Mensa]
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What’s happening in GPM?

For the up-to-the-minute on everything in a blog, check out Much Ado About Mensa, MAAM - HERE.
To see all Mensa events and others of interest see the GPM Calendar - HERE.
For weekly updates on coming events by email, members may subscribe to eUpdate - HERE.
And if you want to investigate the nuts and bolts of GPM, see GPM Quarterly.
Of course we’re on Facebook with Greater Phoenix Mensans Group (closed to Mensa members only, just apply) Greater Phoenix Mensa Page (open to all), a GPM Gen-X Group.

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30-Plus Programs to Inform, Stimulate and Amuse:
• Interesting and Interested Speakers on many subjects
• Games Galore!
• Parties After Dark (pack a bathing suit and your fanciest PJs)
• Romance! Sex! Adventure!
Awesome Kids' Track! - All Day!
• Endless conversation, debates, and infinity of puns.
• Saturday Night Banquet with delightful entertainment!
(Subject to confirmation or change)

We Saved Some Photos of Past RGs

See some great photo memories of 2016 RG HERE, 2015 RG HERE and the 2014 RG is HERE.

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