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“Phoenix Phiesta XXXII: Phifty Shades of Mensa”
November 27 - 30, 2014
It's now scheduled and we have opened up registration! Visit the
2014 RG site and register now to get the lowest prices on tickets.

Last Year's GPM Regional Gathering,
“Phoenix Phiesta XXXI: Science/Phiction”
November 28 - December 1
Successfully Completed - Add your feedback
at the 2013
RG website now!
Some photos from the RG
are posted for all to see at
this link.

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American Mensa is an organization for smart people like you. Our membership requirement is a score in the top two percent on an accepted, standardized intelligence test.

Members enjoy a wide range of mental and social interactions from:

  • Special interest groups
  • Parties
  • Game nights
  • Local community enrichment activities
  • National and regional gatherings
  • Online community
  • Thought provoking publications
If you're curious about what kind of people you might find in Mensa activities, check out the interview video on the About Mensa page.

To Join Mensa

One in every 50 people qualifies for Mensa. Are YOU the one? Please visit the
American Mensa website, or check out how to Join Mensa for the latest information on our upcoming test sessions. We are a participant in American Mensa’s National Testing Day, held every October as well as various other times of the year.

For questions about the benefits of membership, contact the Greater Phoenix Mensa Membership Coordinator: Paul Beaulieu at Membership@phoenixmensa.org

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You may already have qualified if you have prior evidence of a qualifying score on SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, ACT, CEEB, etc.
Special Offer: Submit your qualifying scores from accepted intelligence tests before Dec. 31, 2013, and we will waive the review fee (a $40 savings). We accept more than 200 qualifying tests, including the LSAT, the GMAT and the Stanford Binet. Check out the full list on the Qualifying Test Scores page.

Other Greater Phoenix Mensa Contacts:

Member Information

American Mensa has set up a special system for members to access their local newsletters, which includes issues of Much Ado About Mensa, which we publish on a monthly basis. Go to the Newsletter area for details.

For new, past or prospective members, browse through the site and discover what Mensa is all about - from the inception of Mensa to today’s activities and opportunities. Find out with Greater Phoenix Mensa (or GPM, for short) can do for you.

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