Phoenix Phiesta XXXVIII: “From the Ashes”

Register by Mail

Simply click the "Download Registration Form" button below to retrieve the printable two-page PDF Form, and print it out. Fill out a Registration Form following the instructions below and mail it with your payment for T-Shirts by personal check or money order made out to Greater Phoenix Mensa. Forms will also be available at the Registration Desk. We intend to allow payment by credit card, however, NO CASH ACCEPTED.

GPM Regional Gathering Registration Terms & Conditions

Primary registrant must be a Mensa Member. Non-Mensans must be guests of the Primary Registrant. We are only charging for T-Shirts. That charge is non-refundable. Your registration must be confirmed by response to an email to be sent to you on November 14th.
The Regional Gathering will observe the Covid restrictions the hotel requires and will be a friendly and safe environment for attendees and speakers. Inappropriate physical contact, verbal abuse, or harassment will not be tolerated, and persons not in compliance may be removed from the event without a refund. Volunteers act with the authority of ExCom and members and quests are expected to comply with their directions. For further information, please refer to the full Event Code of Conduct available HERE. Before proceeding to payment, you will be asked to agree to the GPM Registration Terms and Conditions before submitting.

General Instructions:

Remember, please complete a separate copy of Page 2 for each registrant. You will be able to name the registrant (yourself or someone else), decide on a name for the badge, choose which days you want to attend and tell us whether you'd like to volunteer in support of the RG. All T-Shirts available for advance ordering have been reserved. There will be a limited number available on a first-come first-served basis at the RG.
At the bottom of the Form you can designate the person paying for the registration, if not yourself.
Attach your payment for the T-Shirts by personal check or money order made out to Greater Phoenix Mensa and present to the Registrar. We also intend to allow payment by check or credit card onsite, however, NO CASH ACCEPTED.


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