Greater Phoenix Mensa Gifted Youth Program

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Mensa is the largest and oldest international organization of high IQ people. We have more than 100,00 members, ages 4 and up, about half of whom are in the United States with the balance in 32 other national chapters. Mensa provides a backdrop for a wide range of events and activities that stimulate the mind, exercise the body and provide opportunities to socialize with peers of all ages. If you like to see, meet, experiment, visit, learn or teach, Mensa’s Gifted Youth Program (GYP) may just be the perfect place for you.

Benefits to Young Mensa Members

You’ll be able to connect with or even meet with 3,000 Young Mensans in the USA
Phoenix-area activities — From Lego-building competitions to cake decorating
You’ll get a subscription to YM2, Mensa’s Quarterly Magazine for Young Members
There’s a Mensa Honors Society for students in grades 5-12
You’ll have opportunities to earn scholarship for all levels of education.
You’ll get the latest reading lists through Mensa Book Parade
And that’s just for starters …

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Benefits for Parents of Young Mensa Members

You’ll have a ready made opportunity for connect with parents of other smart kids
You’ll have a source for information about special activities for gifted kids in the Phoenix community
GYP can help you with advocacy for your child’s educational needs
Most Phoenix Mensa activities welcome the entire family
Activities & lesson plans are available through

What We’ve Been up to Lately:

The Mensa Young Teens Group (ages 10-13) had a meet-and-greet last weekend at the GPM Member Appreciation Day picnic. More than 25 members showed up to hear about the exciting ways that the GPM Gifted Youth Program is engaging with education stakeholders in the Phoenix community, plan activities for the summer, and enjoy each other's company (while munching on pizza!). Click HERE for a slide show.

How to Get Involved

Step 1:

Visit the site HERE to join American Mensa.

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Step 2:

Connect with us online. It’s easy to find out what’s going on.
GYP Facebook Group: HERE *
Phoenix Mensa Twitter: @PhoenixMensa

* Not a member yet? In addition to our “Members Only” Facebook Group, we have a Public Page to share non-exclusive information

Step 3:

Attend events. Showing up will give you maximum benefit.
We post our upcoming events on our Facebook Gifted Youth Program page. Be sure to register and attend! We offer a wide range of events, including the Bubble Fun Run, concerts, conferences, and more!


Contact the local Gifted Youth Program Coordinator by clicking HERE.

Smart kids usually have smart parents. Why don’t you join Mensa as well?

They got those brains somewhere. Chances are it was from their parents, which is to say, YOU. So while the kids are joining GYP if you’re not already a member why don’t you look into joining as well. That’ll make it a true family affair. Have a look HERE.
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