How to Get a Prepaid Test Voucher

Mensa accepts credit cards to purchase a Prepaid Test Voucher for a local Admission Test to be presented when you attend a local test session. Follow the procedure with the illustrated screen shots below. Although this voucher does not expire, it is best to wait till you find one scheduled before purchasing.

If you have any questions about this process, email the GPM Proctor Coordinator.

Want to take a practice test?

For information about the Mensa Practice Test you can take at home: Note that payment for this test is via the same secure login process outlined below.
Visit our website for more testing information:

Log in or Create an Account

First step is to go to the Mensa Pre-Purchase Testing Page HERE. But before that, read through to the end so you will be familiar with what to expect. That process will take you first to the Log in or Create and Account page as shown below. If you don't know whether you already have an account click on the SIGN UP button like you can see circled in the following screen shot:
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If there is not an account with that email address already in the system, you will be asked to create a new account using that email address. The system will check to see if you already have an account when you click on Search. If so, use that and your previously established password. You may also reset your password if you forgot it. The system will send you an email to do that.
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If you do not have an account, then you may click on Register Now! button on that page and proceed through the secure login. Full terms and conditions are detailed there.
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The following screenshot shows the information is required to create an account. Once you have put in all the required info, click on Continue.
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Next you will see the Supervised Test Voucher item in the store shown with the regular price of $60. Click on this item. Any discounts will be applied later in the shopping cart.
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At the bottom of the next screen you can add the item to your shopping cart.
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Next you will see the voucher line item and any current discounts applied and you may click on the Continue button.
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Next you will see the voucher line item and any current discounts applied. Here you will enter your MVP discount code where indicated and click on the apply button. The Total and Balance Due will be reduced to 0.00 and you may click on the Continue button.
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At this point you will be asked if you wish to donate to the Mensa Foundation. You may skip this section or choose to add a donation to your cart. Next is Billing Info. Complete your info and choose your credit card type. Based on they type of card this section will expand to allow you to enter your particular card info. When that is done click Continue.
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Next, the shopping cart page will show your Order Line Items, Billing/Shipping Information, and Payment information. Review all the info. You will have the opportunity to change your credit card info by clicking Edit Payment or if you are ready to proceed click on Submit Order. You will be sent a confirmation email that includes your Prepaid Test Voucher number. Good Luck on your test!

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