Much Ado About Mensa

Welcome to the new Much Ado About Mensa, known and loved by all of us as MAAM. This is where all the interesting stuff going on in Greater Phoenix Mensa lives, just like the old hard copy but with one important change: Everything appears as soon as it is released, and it’s available at a moment’s notice. No more waiting for the latest news. It’s right here all the time. MAAM is your finger on the pulse of GPM.

You can read MAAM lots of ways. You can press the blue button below to read it on the blogging site tumblr. You can subscribe to it with a newsreader app, which will bring every item to you as it’s entered. And if you would rather have a digest to be emailed to you every Sunday, just be sure GPM has your email address you provided to AML or you may provide it HERE.

This new MAAM is intended to be interactive. You can make moderated comments or contribute an article from your tumblr account by clicking on the links below or by emailing them to

The following links will take you to the tumblr blogging site of gpm-maam.

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