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• Parties and mixers
• Game nights
• Special interest groups
• Tech and hands-on activities
• Music and art events
• Fun-packed Regional Gatherings (National Gatherings, too!)
• Busy online community
• Monthly magazine online
• And much more ....

How to Join Mensa

Only two people out of every 100 qualify for Mensa. Are YOU one of them?
Find out by clicking HERE for info on upcoming Testing Sessions, HERE to visit the national Mensa website, and HERE to find out more about the Test itself, and how to join. Or for a more personal contact, reach our Local Secretary (GPM President) by emailing

Hey! You may already have qualified!

True story! You could skip the Mensa Test if you have evidence of a qualifying score on a test you took at some time in the past!
More than 200 tests are accepted by Mensa : SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, ACT, CEEB, Stanford Binet, and more ... for a sample list, click HERE.

Like minds who like minds